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Walk 1


Equipment needed. Wellies

Equipment advised (not mandatory). Dog, Children and clothes.

Start Point. The Gate above Loch Setter

Route. (No fences to cross, if you do cross a fence, you are outside Flawton)

Walk downhill to Loch Setter and Explore.

Walk around the Loch until you reach the burn with the Loch on your right-hand side.

Follow the burn again on your right until you reach Clings Water.

Walk around Clings Water (again on your right) Until you reach Clings Wood. (Explore)

Above Clings Wood, you will find Flawton Croft House and perhaps me and my dogs!!

Follow Croft track, back to gate and start point.

Walk 2 (for the adventurous)

Repeat in the reverse direction.


Feel free to cross fences if you wish and explore. (step over electric fence wires (ouch!). No dogs beyond the fence, please, not my land and sheep in abundance)

Heading 1

Walk 1 (Dog friendly)

Two kilometres approx.

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