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Vistors and dog walkers are most welcome
             Covid 19
Please observe social distancing and all the  recent Governement Guidelines. There are antivirals on the gate, please use
Dogs must be recently wormed and have in date      vaccinations.                                                                                    Please keep on leads the times wild birds are nesting. ( March to August)                                                                My own six dogs are all very  friendly, but boisterous and noisy.                                                                    If your  dog/dogs  is/are timid and likely to be frightened, please leave  them at the gate until I         put my hounds away.                                                         If I am working the Croft they will be out with me,         As they are free to range!!!!                                        
 Photographers  are most welcome but please leave wild           nesting birds well alone. Gulls, Crows and other                 predaters will be watching, Any excessive interest to      nests, eggs and chicks and they will certainly investigate. 
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