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Nothing is sadder than the loss of an old “Pal”. At Flawton Croft many, many old friends are sleeping forever on the grounds they once roamed. To savour the memories I usually plant a tree or shrub where they lie. If anyone who has lost a pet, wishes to plant a tree Flawton, please feel free to do so. Below are a few photos where old friends sleep.

For Anita's Pal Alfie.

Clings Wood, Flawton. Alfie's Rhododendron in full bloom.

Tracy's Spike.  Frank Stove.           Stone Mason at Flawton.

Primroses from Redfold by Ardonald, to remember Bunny the Greyhound, Susans gentle dog.

A Sycamore, from a Lerwick garden, to remember Mel Inkster's Paddy..

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